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South Pasadena Track & Field All-Time List

The following records have been tracked since 19xy: (this is only a template, all the names and records are fictitious)

Name RecordYear
100mJohn Smith9.9 sec99
Anne Smith10.9 sec99
200mJames Ewins19.5 sec95
Anne Smith20.9 sec99
400mDavid Maxwell47.9 sec90
Joanna Smith49.9 sec99
110m HurdleDon Smith12.1 secxy
Nora Carney12.2 sec88
400m HurdleDavid Maxwell48.1 sec90
Jenny Smith9.9 sec99
800mPatrick McGrail1:51.0399
Jenny Smith1:59.9 sec99
1600mRick Kavlo4:1599
Sarah Smith4:4599
3200mMike Parkinson9:0179
Kara Moler9:0289
4x100m4 people50.1 sec99
4 girls50.9 sec99
4x400m4 people3:2099
4 girls4:0999
Long JumpDavid Maxwell30'90
High JumpDavid Maxwell8'90
Triple JumpPatrick McGrail60'99
Pole VaultJohn Smith300'99
Shot PutShea Eccleston65'5"95
Kara Moler47'1"92
DiscusDon't Know20'99